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also i got a time of 9.43 seconds on 'the catwalk'


Stage 'Pylon palace' is broken

sometimes you'll float on some of the corners and get stuck

Yeah, that stage feels impossible to finish.

The trick is to not be as careful as you think you need to be. That level took me a half hour to finish the first time, now my record on it is 21.20 seconds.

I play at the I have potato settings and can't get over 7fps.

hey bro, i got the update 5 and finished the game but i can't seem to activate the cheats, i pressed F1, what should appear after that?

Do it when you're already in a level.

that's what i did and literally nothing happened, i've tried different levels but nothing, i also have no idea where the save files are so i can't redo the game to see if the bug is fixed

That's really strange...  Just to confirm, it says version 1.1.0 in the main menu, and every level in the levels menu has a time under it including the second page (all the way up to Fatal Fissures?) You do not need to redo the game, if you can see all the times then cheats are unlocked already.

oh, i need to finish the new levels too? so THATS why its not working, thanks, ill try to figure out how to pass throuhg the yellow fractal

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What do you do about the Failed to compile vertex shader. i have dowloaded the game  5 times by now

I'm looking into a fix for this.


Can you confirm if making this change to assets/vert.glsl fixes the problem for you?

Im not remotely good with code but i did what it said and im still having the problem

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Love this game and the music!

I have an idea for this game. Maybe after completing it once, we can choose from a few different kinds of balls with different physics like bounciness, etc. It would make the game worth playing a second or third time (I haven't finished yet).  Another thing. I have a GTX 1080 and while I can run it at 60fps at both the gtx 1080 and gtx 970 settings, the ball seems to move way faster when I pick the 970 settings.

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My laptop is running on a 32-bit operating system and i cannot play the game. Can you help me fix this problem ?

I downloaded update 5 and I'm not sure how to enable cheats.

You have to beat the game first to unlock them.  Once you have, just press F1 during gameplay.

Ok i fixed my last problem but now it says failed to compile vertex shader

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5 suggestions:

1)Add vertical movement contols (ability to move up and down) to Free  camera mode, because after having such controls in other games with 6 degrees of freedom not having them is inconvinient (R + F, Shift+Ctrl. Shift+Space or Ctrl+Space would probably be good key combinations).

2)Add collision detection to Free camera mode, so that you won't clip through textures while trying to explore finer details of the fractal for example.

3)Make Zoom to scale combinable with Free camera th make it more convinient to explore the fractal .

4)Add some sort of information about the existance of cheats and how to activate them into the game.

5)Maybe make it so that you can make ball teleport to camera's position when you exit Free camera mode.

(If any of these features are already implemented then i couldn't find them)

Also on PylonPalace level i had a few moments when i had elemets of the level apear between camera and the ball, so maybe make it so that elements of the level become semi-transparent if they appear between ball and camera.

Thanks for the suggestions!

#3 Already works.  If you activate zoom to scale, then the mouse wheel will change the free-camera speed.

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Edit to #1: also add roll control (on Q and E probably)

Hello! Love the updates so far! Just wanted to ask for a feature if you are inclined: I've been playing FPS games for a long time and all the default mouse sensitivities are way too high and uncomfortable for me. If you could add another option for ultra low or added a slider perhaps, this would help me immensely. Even if you told me how i could edit it in the settings file it would be fantastic! For reference it takes 19.48 inches at 400 dpi for a full 360 degree spin for every other game I play. Thank you very much for such a visually amazing game!

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It would be nice to have either one of these:

- Listen for key "physical location" code rather than key "letter" code, game engines usually expose both of these via slightly different names on the button event struct, for example SDL_Keycode is the "letter" code, while SDL_Scancode is the "physical location" code.

- Allow customizing the input bindings.

I use a weird keyboard (Kinesis Advantage - arrow keys split across left and right sides) and weird keyboard layout (swedish dvorak), so any of these would help me.

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It is pretty sad that you have to have a dedicated GPU because I have a laptop with a GeForce 920M (a GPU from 2015) and to play this without being able to count each pixel I would have to spend around $400 on a GOOD GPU. But I can run this game on Potato with 60 FPS, the second option goes on 30 FPS, the third 10-15 FPS and the other ones just freeze my laptop and I have to restart... But the game is still amazing!!

it says it cannot find OpenAL32.dll but i can see it (sorry if this is a stupid question I'm not too good with tech)


This was fantastic. I loved every second of it.


As I said on YT: "It lags even on potato mode, can you add an option to disable reflections and other graphical features?"

The only feature that affects performance is shadows.  You can disable by changing SHADOWS_ENABLED  to 0 in assets/frag.glsl (line 34).  But as it says in the description, you really do need a dedicated GPU for this game unfortunately.

I accually BROKE the download

so i cant play this game

the 10.45 seconds of gameplay i got were fun though so 10/10

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Is your problem with the game or your setup?

im late but I think it was the game

it doesnt load up; it either says the loader cant be found, or there is no 'vertical shader' i loaded it once, but it was 280x280 pixels

Make sure you have the assets folder in the same directory as the exe.

Hello there CodeParade!  Ive been watching your channel for a while now and came across your 3D fractles video, and my jaw dropped at the beutiful fractles!  I tried searching online for a downloadable GIF file for my backround but I could only find low quality 2D fractles.   Is there a download link you have so I could have these beutiful fractles as my backround?  Or maybe a store i could buy them at?

Thank You!


You can download a fractal software here: Hope this helps!

New update has a fractal exploration mode, so you can take screenshots or record video with a free-camera.

Thank you!


Hi CodeParade,  by this game I was actually inspired to create my own game(or atleast to draw a picture on a window rather than printing text on a console). I installed(built from sources) the SFML and eigen dependencies the game ran fine and also good game btw :-). 

But the problem started when I tried to create my own CMakeLists.txt file. I read the documentation from SFML website and it is not given for Linux(where there is no graphical interface and everything has to be typed).So, I tried changing your CMakeList file and but you 2 CMakeLists.txt file(1 which is located in the projects folder and another in src folder) but it was just a failure. 

My main problem is I'm struggling to learn how to use CMake and I'm not understanding their doumentation and how to use it for adding SFML dependency.

I'm not doing any  type a big project or anything. I just want the code in in this to run.

Pls anyone help me with the CMakeList.txt. If possible please explain in detail what is happening in CMakeList.txt. May God bless anyone who read this fully.

And please help me. This is the only thing which is keeping me from moving forward  

Use the GitHub for code questions, more people can help you there!

Thanks, I will ask there itself.


Wait, does this support RTX? Because the reflection shows what's behind you, and you need an RTX 2080 ti to pllay at 1440p

since this is iterative ray marching world geometry is encoded as a distance estimator. You'd need RTX if you use explicit geometries like triangle list



This is one of the best games I've ever played. With more levels and a global leader-board I would pay good money for this.


this is incredible, one of the coolest things i've seen in years. you're a god.
<3 marble blast ultra

but the camera lag/smoothing makes the game feel slow and laggy even at 60fps.


Very cool work!


Thank you for the continuous updates, very cool!

Just a few suggestions for the next one (if there is one):

-While left clicking to increase game speed, the mouse speed and zoom speed also increase. Could you change that?

-Could you put the personal record time for a full game run somewhere?

-Could you store the mouse speed setting when the game is closed?

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I want help with optimization)

You can render pixels with offset (i % 2 (3,4)) to frame buffer
Then interpolate spaces to increase end img resolution
(because big screen resolutions – 1x1 pixel perfect not matter nowadays – but render every 4,5 pixel increase FPS significantly)(yes offset may be any like 5,6,7)
+ it may be zoomed even more to match dest display resolution

Also you can make simple shooter (fps) :)
You already have terrain – object collision
– all you need is add object to object collision (spheres for start is ok)

Create weapon / bullet class

Set resurrect points
Add primitive FPS gui
And restrict Ares for move (maybe AABB box)

#With networking little harder (especially with good frames sync)
 - but for start create random zombie mobs ^^


This has to be one of my favorite games right now. It's so simple but so fun... and so fkin hard too! Only problem is I can only run it properly at potato resolution lmao. Still, awesome game.


reminds me of marble blast ultra insane how much graphics have improved since 2006


dude marble blast is my jam love that game


This game is great however I have a problem where whenever I move my mouse the game stutteres. The game runs fine at 60fps on 1920 x 1080 but whenever I move my mouse the game freezes until I stop moving it. This happens both in-game and in the menus/screensaver mode. 


This is great, can you add the ability to allow for higher framerates?  I have a 144hz monitor and appear to be capped at 60fps.  Would be cool to be able to go beyond that if possible.  Thanks.


The physics updates are locked to 60fps so you wouldn't gain much with 144hz.


Since there has been a lot of interest in speedrunning the game 
but the page is not online yet, we decided to already open a Discord for it.
Marble Marcher Speedrunning Discord:


Hey man! incredible concept! It might be too much to ask, but it would be a great game if it had a simple level creator, where you have your view on the right, and on the left there's a panel with some variables and sliders to edit your fractal, and then you just set start and end point, and be able to save it with some name, or something like it. Cheers!


I would love to be able to control the fractal myself while riding around on it. And make myself bigger and smaller. Then let me set start and end poisitions, where I find interesting landscapes, so I can share the fractals with my friends.


It's too bad this game doesn't run on my version of windows.


This is a genius idea and the game you've made around it is really fun. That crusher level is so cool! It makes me want to play around with the thing and perhaps make more levels, for instance there are almost no levels that have you run through the inside of a fractal. Incredible game.


I fricking love this game! That last level was pretty tough. One little request: Marble customization? Like material, possibly color, etc.

Other than that, its perfect. (For me, at least.)


I managed to use cheat engine memory hacking to increase resolution to 4k and it works with variable 30-60 fps (tho mostly around 30fps) on RTX 2080Ti, still perfectly playable, and to me preferable due to having 4k screen.

If anyone wants to try and can't figure it out let me know and I'll explain details, but it's the most basic possible cheat engine usage and in this case it's surprisingly easy. Really wish author enabled all resolutions as is standard practice, and not a select handful, when the  game can already run on any custom resolution.

Other than that, love the game and the technology! I'd put my hand in fire to see DLSS implemented in Marble Marcher as it's  likely the single best existing use case for DLSS tech.


Hey man, awesome game - encountered a problem however. I completed up to and including the level "The Catwalk", and then decided to exit the next level afterwards and replay "The Catwalk" - however now I can't seem to be able to 'continue' the levels, won't let me click on the world after "The Catwalk" as it's just "???" in the levels screen and clicking "play" just makes me start at level 1 - is this a bug or am I missing something? Don't really wanna play all the way through again :o Cheers

Just updated with a fix for this.


Very cool!

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