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i cant jump

that is not possible. You can jump by going over ramps


try to make it for crome if posable

Are you talking about a Chrome Book? When yes you can just enable linux mode and recompile it.

what is linux mode

It's a 2016 chromebook it's not the one 2here can do the roof style That

wish he had support for other platforms. looks interesting.

Which platform do you use?

i personally use linux


Well, you can build it yourself. It's open source…. I myself use linux and tried it

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how do i do that? (nvm)

How do I fly or just explore?


i want this open for mac, please. please.


It is, you just need to build it yourself


Hello! First of all, congrats on the great work, really interesting. That being said, have you written any papers, tech reports or material that can be used to study the theories involved and your application of them in making the game?

I ask that because I am a university teacher here in Brasil and I currently have a student working on procedural generation of game scenarios and he has found your game and now he is very interested in doing something similar.

Thanks in advance!

I have not written any papers on the collision detection used in the game (my main contribution here).  However, there are many papers and tutorials already about ray marching rendering and procedural fractals or terrains.  Specifically, you could check out the work of Inigo Quilez.  But for collisions, I do have a more robust implementation in my python framework PySpace that generalizes the NP function to other SDFs besides Marble Marcher.

Thank you again for the quick response! I'll make sure to check the reference you provided as well as your python framework.

Now with the release of the RTX 3000 cards, do you plan on adding a 4K patch?

most likely there won't be an update for that but you can take a look at the Marble Marcher Community Edition, that has support for custom resolutions and also has better graphics and performance.

Hope all work is good for hyperbolica . So, I watch your garfeild video and thought about you making something with a similar tecnology, but with random shapes for each picture.If you make something like this, thank you and have a great day.

Thank you!



Deleted 156 days ago

running it under wine works pretty well!

I had this bookmarked for the longest time.
Finally tried it, and it's great!

this is a good start for a first game!


cool game i sugest mmce for more levels

it says failed to complete vertex shader pls help


Maybe make a mac version?

You can run it on Mac if you follow steps here:

the last level is very difficult, took 20 mins to figure out the path

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It's runs in exactly 30-60 FPS (does vertical sync is turned on? Hate it; without vert sync it's about 40 FPS) on 2k with GTX1080. Can you add 3840x2160 option?

Good game. Would be nice to have checkpoints and jump button

you could try to run the Marble Marcher Community Edition on that resolution, that also has better performance and graphics

How do i install


i have potato.


CAN WE GAIN THE ABILITY TO CHANGE THE CONTROLS?!! I'm left handed and instead of moving with WASD, I use IJKL, but this game forces me to play with WASD.

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You can change the the two lines  Here by replacing

Keyboard::A with Keyboard::I and so on with desired keys to change the controls then compile.



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fractals can be generated randomly by the computer , it was better if the levels of the game were generated randomly by the computer to make the game become endless , 

watch his video on you tube. there he explains why this doesnt work. the distance estimator is not good enough for most fractals. thats why he had to handselect them.

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I would like to see the option anyway. You can put a notice before it that says something like, "Untested fractals might be buggy. Gameplay consistency not guaranteed."

There is a game called Superflight that does something like this. It has what it calls "seeds" which are basically input variables to create the procedurally generated world. Then people can share their favorite "seeds" and the game creates the same world to play around in.

With this method, even though many fractals won't work, people will find and share the ones that do.

By the way, this project/game is fantastic and I would like to support Marble Marcher in any way you need.

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that is actually a great idea. can you please tell him about it.

you can reach him over email

or over twitter


I'm not actively developing Marble Marcher right now, but the community edition is, that would be a better place to request new features:

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-i have potato.
--i feel you'r pain bro

-the distance estimator is not good enough for most fractals. 
--I fix collision so now it works on all fractals that I try / create
at some lvls its even colide with micro pixels(invisible from big scale)

-fractals can be generated randomly by the computer 
--they can, but they are not fun – at many cases they looks similar and ugly,
its like generating music from random notes..

it more looks that you want: long trip by fractal that smoothly changed 
yes – it looks fun
but its hand crafted lvl / with list of acceptable fractals that may be randomly slightly mutated
, but its totally different game mechanics – not so easy to develop 

Mouse acceleration on the camera makes navigating later levels a lot more painful then it really needs to be. There should really be an option to turn it off.

I like it, but I would like it even more if the marble weren't so weighty and had more mid-air control, and the niche of the visuals weren't so restricted to the visuals. Maybe give an item/boost that lets you change the environment temporarily or speed up/slow down its change.


failed to compile vertex shader...


is there a mac version?


you can probably compile it on a mac


what does that mean?

It means take the source code and execute it directly which is framework independant. It's explained how to do in the readme file :


really so good!


You have created something which will dictate the future of videogames. You're a genius


Can we have a linux build please?

Why not check out the open source link before asking? It has good documentation, such as this section:


Gameplay feels a little stilted, would love a jump button, but really it looks so cool, I can't hate.

is this a 32 bit or 84 bit

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its only x64

(working on Win XP x32 or more,  may work on Linux / Mac)

Deleted 217 days ago

Very impressive game!

please make a mobile version!

A mobile version? For phones? I don't believe the technology is there yet...

wouldn't it work at upscaled ultra-low resolutions? Can always brand it "retro" and "lowraymarch" xD


there not talking about resolution. there talking about the system, Currently phones cant run exe's and stuff like that and from what i see there aint a mobile version

Just make Linux partician

We ran this game 60fps on my potatoe pc, flagships could at high res I bet


I have a NVidia GTX 1050 and I can barely run on potato saettings.

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I have the same card (only it's SC) and it can run the game  in 1280x720 at 30-40 FPS. I get (almost) stable 60 FPS in 960x540. I'm using Linux (though OS shouldn't matter).

Impressive! Thanks.


firewall security wont let me play it

Just click "see more " and then click "run anyway"

Love this game! It would be really cool if you added some more levels though cause i finished all of them

even "i have potato" is too laggy only going at 25 fps


fun game, didnt get to experience it properly tho because my 1050 ti didnt actually run it, but the i5's integrated graphics did


I had the same issue.

One solution to this problem is to set default GPU for this app to Nvidia graphics card. You can do it through Nvidia settings. 

Deleted 1 year ago

Idea of this game is cool. I think that in some levels it would be nice to shrink/enlarge a ball - for example on level 2 to roll the ball inside these "trees".

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