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How do you complete "around the citadel"?

Just go around the citadel :)

One of the most spectacular demo experiences I've ever had. Mind-boggling graphics, an immersive soundtrack, excellent sound design, and intuitively tuned controls.  The only changes I would make would be to expand the hitbox for the winning flag to prevent player annoyance and add a dash/jump to better improve mobility.

Wish there were an Android port of this. Tilting to navigate would be fun! 

you should make it so people that use a Mac/Macintosh computer can use this game too, reason why I'm mentioning this is because some game file types on windows aren't supported on Mac so the game might not work for those people

Is there any way to support 21x9 aspect resolutions? Fullscreen on my monitor: a) cuts off part of the menu, b) turns the marble into an ellipsoid, and squashes the map too.


release for mac please

I am sure a mac will not have a GPU good enough for this game. RTX3060Ti  running almost full power for this game

It runs flawlessly through wine (on Linux at least), so you could give that a go.

Me: maybe I'll try to see if it works like that

System: you cannot run "marble marcher.exe" because windows files are not supported on Mac.

Me: W̴̥͐H̷̢̃Y̴̡̐ ̸̖̈́C̵̱͑À̷̘N̴̨̽'̵͈͂T̶̘̈ ̴̭̓L̴͓̀I̸͗ͅF̵̪̎Ë̷̳́ ̸̖̈́J̶͙̾Ȗ̴̢S̵̹̍T̷̘͝ ̶̩̈B̴̖̅Ḙ̶̕ ̶͓͝N̶̖̽Ȍ̵̞R̴̞͌M̷̞̆Â̴͔L̵̩͠ ̸̗͘F̴̢̍O̴̳̎R̵͕̀ ̵̨͗O̷͚͗N̴̺̓Ĉ̶͇

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I think we are overdue for more levels or a sequel.

holds out a bowl in his tiny trembling hands, and says in a tiny trembling voice;
"Please sir.... can I have some more ?"
Then in stepped the Marble Marcher Community with a huge ladle full of second helpings and pudding to follow.

Is it a virus?

what? no,  its just a super monkey ball type game.



Marble Madness and Super Monkey Ball took acid and had a baby.

Deleted post

10/10 couldn't work on my world geography final because of this game. would recommend.


* sad mac user noises*


You can just build it yourself on any OS:


If we could disable shadows it would probably be able to run easily on about any hardware. I run on the second lowest setting on intel HD Graphics 620, and it's butter smooth on scren saver (50-60 fps), and between 30 and 40 fps when playing. Maybe an opaque marble could save a few resources for lower-end devices too.

As for the gameplay and the music : simple and nice.


We have potato?


Potato changes the resolution for rendering everything, with an insanely low 320x180 (I don't know who would actually play like this). It does run smoothly on low-end GPUs but is nowhere near looking like enjoyable.

Adding settings for shadows (which can be very power expensive) and reflections (same goes) would allow for higher quality rendering but better performance on every hardware, including low-end, perhaps drastically.


I use the potato setting...


i also potato!


CodeParade Made a video about the rendering process and(according to him) due to the way ray marching works
Shadows come at pretty much no extra work when rendering

Deleted 1 year ago

Sorry, I said shadow but I was talking about the AO, my bad
I have no idea how much the shadows would cost

Most games use rasterization, this one uses ray marching, so it works in a very different way. This game can't use rasterization because the fractals are not made with polygons like any other 3D model in any other game


I love the catwalk and the sponge, keep up the great work


interesting... trippy kinda feel or something. Really cool looking art!


noice, a game that features fractals. Kinda wanna try


marble marcher for mac is gone! crabrave?

no. this is a serious problem.


im on mac too


It looks amazing


Anyone else had to learn the hard way that right click resets? That made me feel literal pain.


omg yessssssssssssssssss


i cant jump


that is not possible. You can jump by going over ramps


Or over bumps so tiny they don't even fill a pixel on the screen lol


try to make it for crome if posable

Are you talking about a Chrome Book? When yes you can just enable linux mode and recompile it.

what is linux mode

It's a 2016 chromebook it's not the one 2here can do the roof style That

can you give me some step by step intructions on how to load it through linux

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When hhaving that activated you have an app folder called Linux in that there is a terminal. That will you need. In the terminal you need to download the source code. Run in the terminal "sudo apt install git libeigen3-dev libsfml-dev make cmake" to install the dependencies. Now run "git clone" to clone the git repo. Then "cd MarbleMarcher" to open that folder and then execute "mkdir build && cd build" to create a new folder and open it "cmake .." to setup the build system "cd .." to get back to the root folder "cmake --build build" to build it

wish he had support for other platforms. looks interesting.

Deleted 1 year ago

i personally use linux

Deleted 1 year ago
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how do i do that? (nvm)

How do I fly or just explore?


i want this open for mac, please. please.


Hello! First of all, congrats on the great work, really interesting. That being said, have you written any papers, tech reports or material that can be used to study the theories involved and your application of them in making the game?

I ask that because I am a university teacher here in Brasil and I currently have a student working on procedural generation of game scenarios and he has found your game and now he is very interested in doing something similar.

Thanks in advance!

I have not written any papers on the collision detection used in the game (my main contribution here).  However, there are many papers and tutorials already about ray marching rendering and procedural fractals or terrains.  Specifically, you could check out the work of Inigo Quilez.  But for collisions, I do have a more robust implementation in my python framework PySpace that generalizes the NP function to other SDFs besides Marble Marcher.

Thank you again for the quick response! I'll make sure to check the reference you provided as well as your python framework.

Now with the release of the RTX 3000 cards, do you plan on adding a 4K patch?


most likely there won't be an update for that but you can take a look at the Marble Marcher Community Edition, that has support for custom resolutions and also has better graphics and performance.

Hope all work is good for hyperbolica . So, I watch your garfeild video and thought about you making something with a similar tecnology, but with random shapes for each picture.If you make something like this, thank you and have a great day.

Thank you!



running it under wine works pretty well!

I had this bookmarked for the longest time.
Finally tried it, and it's great!

this is a good start for a first game!


cool game i sugest mmce for more levels

it says failed to complete vertex shader pls help


Maybe make a mac version?

You can run it on Mac if you follow steps here:

the last level is very difficult, took 20 mins to figure out the path

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It's runs in exactly 30-60 FPS (does vertical sync is turned on? Hate it; without vert sync it's about 40 FPS) on 2k with GTX1080. Can you add 3840x2160 option?

Good game. Would be nice to have checkpoints and jump button

you could try to run the Marble Marcher Community Edition on that resolution, that also has better performance and graphics

How do i install


i have potato.

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