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I have a NVidia GTX 1050 and I can barely run on potato saettings.

Impressive! Thanks.


firewall security wont let me play it

Love this game! It would be really cool if you added some more levels though cause i finished all of them

even "i have potato" is too laggy only going at 25 fps


fun game, didnt get to experience it properly tho because my 1050 ti didnt actually run it, but the i5's integrated graphics did


I had the same issue.

One solution to this problem is to set default GPU for this app to Nvidia graphics card. You can do it through Nvidia settings. 

Deleted post

Idea of this game is cool. I think that in some levels it would be nice to shrink/enlarge a ball - for example on level 2 to roll the ball inside these "trees".

it feels like a hallucination.

12/10 great game

great game would be nice with an jump bottom


Failed to compile vertex shader

I need  help

Extract it.. it's a zip file dude.

I am absolutely blown away, this is absolutely amazing and i hope it could be implemented into other scenarios. Like maybe buildings or a forest, instead of a sphere, cube, etc. i played it for about 2hrs and i still find myself opening it to just run in the background, absolutely stunning 

so, do u run the script in a program or some custom thingo??

apparently when I run it, it says failed to compile vertex shader. I am using the windows executable

this is amazing

thank you

i don´t understtand how to install it on mac. I´m new to all of this. I´ve already installed homebrewery, executed command: 

brew install cmake eigen sfml

and command:

  • mkdir build && cd build

How do i start the game or continue with the installation??

it failed to compile something, it was something like vertex shadows, idk.

Why is there no macOS/linux version? I would love to play the game :(

Just download the source code from github and compile it.

In the folder run: cmake . && make   (Don't forget the dot after cmake)

You might have to install libraries first, if it fails to compile (For Debian/Ubuntu it's libsfml-dev and libeigen3-dev)

In fact, he gives instructions on how to run in macOS:

Soudtracks are free?

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thank you so much for this game. It is quite fun and difficult. My computer runs this game very well at a very high resolution. I have an i7, 16GB ram, and ASUS rx580 strix 8GB GPU. 

what resolution?

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It runs at 1920x1080(the 1080 ti setting). So almost the highest. I tried running it at the highest resolution but my monitor isn't big enough hahaha. the game image stretches outside the monitor then I can see anything. Even at the highest setting it was able to run completely fine. the only barrier is that my monitor is 1080p so the highest setting was stretched past my monitors borders. 

Bam. #4 is up and I have now cleared all the stages!

A bit frustrating at times, but this is some quality work. I'd be totally on board with more new stages. And maybe a jump button.

Really cool game. Too bad I couldn't fully experience it though, had to run it on the lowest settings and was only getting around 30 fps lol

I return with part 3!

Despite some navigation complications, I'm enjoying the new stages.

Thanks!  By the way, there is yet another update with improved graphics, you should get a higher framerate.  Also, 'Play' will resume at the last level, you don't have to load each stage from the menu ;)

Someone's been busy. And, yeah, I wasn't sure if hitting Play would work that way or not at the time, so thanks for the info!

is there a way to play this game on macOS? I've tried (what I think is) everything and nothing seems to be working.

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I think that this game needs some form of level builder - type in values for the fractal, place a start and end point.  Also, the flag should be visible as an outline through the fractal. And PLEASE make a custom page on itch instead of a blank one!

Thanks for the reminder, I completely forgot I could customize the page!


It took a good many tries, but I managed to finish the latest level set! I can't wait for more!

I'm horrible at games, and I'm just getting angry trying to play. How can I just enable cheats without having to recompile everything?

You can edit the save file in AppData/Roaming/MarbleMarcher/scores.bin.  Open it with a hex editor and just  fill the entire file with zeros.

Is there any way to turn off the dying mechanic so when I fall into one of the holes I just glitch and not crushed

If you use the 'Free Camera' cheat, there's no marble to crush and you can go inside the fractal even when it's moving.

It would be cool if I could be restrained to the marble and see the glitchiness of the fractal crushing the marble and not being destroyed


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I can't start the game...

Failed to compile vertex shader…

Can anyone help?

EDIT: I ran into a bigger issue: it can't find "OpenAL34.dll" which prevents it from starting

Extract all the files, dont try to start them up from winrar

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I have changed the 1s to 1.0 and i still have the failed to compile vertex shader error

Hello there, would you mind if I try some game-testing with your game? It happens that I'm a novice game tester, and I'm looking for some places/games where to train my testing skills and stuff. Optionally, of course, any reported bugs will be posted or sent to you just in case you are interested in taking a look at them.
Thanks in advance!

Sure,  no problem!  Not sure why you would need my permission to test the game :P

Alright, thank you a lot!

About the permission, well, I don't know. Maybe you wanted people to play your game, yet weren't interested in receiving bug reports or feedbacks... That's why I always ask for permission first, just in case someone gets angry or sth

I somehow got through the new stages. Here is the documentation of my suffering.

i don't know how to download the update

If you download it, it is updated (same filename).

Is a mac version possible?

I return with more fractal fascinations!

And made a video without realizing the game had been updated with more levels. I didn't expect the marble fun to keep rolling. Despite getting stuck on a stage, I'm definitely glad to see this still going places. Keep up the good work, dev. This is a trip. Also, I love how the new music track I started hearing is relatively short, but doesn't get old after hearing it a while. That's quality.

Ok, I've completed all of the levels including the extra ones. I'm pressing F1 but all it's doing is muting my computer. What gives?

Try  pressing fn F1 in sequence

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Hello CodeParade, thanks for your work, i love it ! i might be a bit stupid but i didn't get it how to just go on free camera and fly through the fractals. ♥

any help ?

complete the game -> use F1 to activate cheats 

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