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This has to be one of my favorite games right now. It's so simple but so fun... and so fkin hard too! Only problem is I can only run it properly at potato resolution lmao. Still, awesome game.


reminds me of marble blast ultra insane how much graphics have improved since 2006


dude marble blast is my jam love that game


This game is great however I have a problem where whenever I move my mouse the game stutteres. The game runs fine at 60fps on 1920 x 1080 but whenever I move my mouse the game freezes until I stop moving it. This happens both in-game and in the menus/screensaver mode. 


This is great, can you add the ability to allow for higher framerates?  I have a 144hz monitor and appear to be capped at 60fps.  Would be cool to be able to go beyond that if possible.  Thanks.


The physics updates are locked to 60fps so you wouldn't gain much with 144hz.


Since there has been a lot of interest in speedrunning the game 
but the page is not online yet, we decided to already open a Discord for it.
Marble Marcher Speedrunning Discord:


Hey man! incredible concept! It might be too much to ask, but it would be a great game if it had a simple level creator, where you have your view on the right, and on the left there's a panel with some variables and sliders to edit your fractal, and then you just set start and end point, and be able to save it with some name, or something like it. Cheers!


I would love to be able to control the fractal myself while riding around on it. And make myself bigger and smaller. Then let me set start and end poisitions, where I find interesting landscapes, so I can share the fractals with my friends.


It's too bad this game doesn't run on my version of windows.


This is a genius idea and the game you've made around it is really fun. That crusher level is so cool! It makes me want to play around with the thing and perhaps make more levels, for instance there are almost no levels that have you run through the inside of a fractal. Incredible game.


I fricking love this game! That last level was pretty tough. One little request: Marble customization? Like material, possibly color, etc.

Other than that, its perfect. (For me, at least.)


I managed to use cheat engine memory hacking to increase resolution to 4k and it works with variable 30-60 fps (tho mostly around 30fps) on RTX 2080Ti, still perfectly playable, and to me preferable due to having 4k screen.

If anyone wants to try and can't figure it out let me know and I'll explain details, but it's the most basic possible cheat engine usage and in this case it's surprisingly easy. Really wish author enabled all resolutions as is standard practice, and not a select handful, when the  game can already run on any custom resolution.

Other than that, love the game and the technology! I'd put my hand in fire to see DLSS implemented in Marble Marcher as it's  likely the single best existing use case for DLSS tech.


Hey man, awesome game - encountered a problem however. I completed up to and including the level "The Catwalk", and then decided to exit the next level afterwards and replay "The Catwalk" - however now I can't seem to be able to 'continue' the levels, won't let me click on the world after "The Catwalk" as it's just "???" in the levels screen and clicking "play" just makes me start at level 1 - is this a bug or am I missing something? Don't really wanna play all the way through again :o Cheers

Just updated with a fix for this.


Very cool!


fuckin brilliant

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Just wanted to say its very cool looking at these fractals, although I cannot seem to continue where at the level I stopped at(if I didnt unlock all of them) if I close the game, start it up and select the last level I completed and attempt to continue where I left off, it will just repeat the level I selected instead of continuing from there to the next one to unlock.

Just updated with a fix for this.


This is absolute genius.  This is exactly where games need to go- explore the unexplored!  I love this concept, and the levels are absolutely gorgeous.  Being able to explore fractals with no level bounds is a blast.

I have one major suggestion- Either have a multiple-goal system ( ie, gems from 'Marble Blast' ) that insentivizes players to explore more of the fractals, or make use of the vertical nature of some of these structures more.  I'd love to see what could be done with a jump-button, or additional platforms added in to allow further exploration.

Fantastic demo.


Looks suspicious on virustotal. Is this a false positive?

Yeah, must be false positive.  It's open source if you're really paranoid and want to build it yourself :P

I wonder if it would be at all possible to impliment adaptive resolution scaling to keep a steady 60 FPS, it'd be awesome if thats possible.

Might be possible, but I think it would be very distracting.


also probably really hard to implement but a monkey inside the ball would be funny asf and make the game funny too (it should be optional though) 

Might be too close to copyright infringement, haha

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hi it would be really nice to add a mute button for the whole game or just music when you press escape for ease of use! And maybe add a keybind like f11 or 12 to go full screen (if there is a way already please tell me) . but aside from that this is really fun to play!

Just updated, you can now mute the music.

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It might just be me, but my GTX 1050 Ti needed the game to be on the setting for "GTX 960 or similar" in order to consistently get over 10 FPS, even then the game averaged around 15-16, and is taking up 100% of my GPU according to task manager. Am I doing something wrong, or is the 1050 Ti a "potato" (I didn't see it listed, but I thought it would out-perform the 960)

EDIT: The game runs smoothly on potato setting but is now far too small for my display.

EDIT: After uninstalling the copy of McAfee that came with my PDF reader, turning off the Nvidia battery saving mode, and updating my drivers, I can get 25-30 FPS on the 960 mode, which is tolerable.

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I have a 1050 ti to and I get 60-30 fps on the "980" preference. Not sure what would cause it to go to 10 unless the cpu held it back.

It shouldn't my CPU was only at 5% usage and is a 7th gen core i7

the gtx 1050ti isn't much better than the 960. They're almost the same performance wise

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hit me up when the game is up on ~ also a commonly requested feature would be nice to have: a level selector, to beat the individual level times. love your work so far, keep doing what you do! :D

That feature is already in the game, no?

yea its in the main menu

Cool game, but when the levels started moving i started to feel sick

this game is stunning, very unique and satisfying, i think there should be an option to turn off retractions and shadows for computers on the lower end of the spectrum   

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Technically you can.  In assets/frag.glsl, you can set 'SHADOWS_ENABLED' to '0' on line 34, but it's a little harder to play because you can't easily tell the height of the ball without them.

Wow. This is great. But my laptop is actually worse than a potato.

this is so amazing, great work


since speedrunning has been mentioned in the video i requested a site for the game :)
i also did a small speedrun myself: 

Timing starts on hitting the play button and ends with reaching the flag in the latest Level (and i split on hitting flags). Of course there is a lot of improvement possible

Feel free to post your runs in the comments of my video, i'll hit you up once the page is online so you can submit your run there


I think in-game time should be used (or sum of times for a full run).  Otherwise different hardware can get you different times.

thx, i'll look into that

at least on my hardware the timer seems to run in realtime

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While I definitely agree with this, there's also something else I've noticed with the time. The "miliseconds" are in base 60, so you can never get a time of xy.61 to  xy.99 in a run.

Yes, the last number is frames instead of milliseconds.

since there has been a lot of interest in speedrunning the game 

but the page is not online yet, we decided to already open a Discord for it.

Marble Marcher Speedrunning Discord: 

Judging this as a demo, which it primarily is: this is incredibly awesome!

As a game: there needs to be some way, on the more sparse levels, for falling down to not be the end. The obvious answer is to give the marble some kind of upward mobility, but I'm thinking it might make sense to give the player the ability to morph the fractal to try to make the terrain more favorable; that'd fit the theme and show off the fractal collision tech.

Given that most people are going to be here to see the fractals and not really for a challenge, I strongly suggest the level select have all levels open from the start. As it is the level select sucks; you can't even go back to the level you left off from.


This is absolutely amazing! I can't wait to see what else you can do with this! 

Here, I made a video: 


Any chance we could get a small fix to the level select? I can't get back to the Citadel without playing through the whole game. I just wanted to replay the fly-in so I could see where I was going again but alas and cannot click on the ??? to load it even though I've beaten up until Build Up Speed. Loving the concept though, rad what you've been able to accomplish here.


you should port it on mac too! it's a really fun game but my only windows computer is a crappy one and the graphics don't look so good when my imac is instead pretty good, i would like to see it available on mac 

How good is your mac? I've seen lots of people saying their iMac is good, but it ends up being terrible.

8 gb ram. 3.4 GHz intel core i5. 4k screen. graphic card: radeon pro 560 4096 MB. i don't know if it can be considered a high-end pc or not, let me know

I'd like to see a Mac port too. My Mac is a 2.9 GHz Intel Core i9, 32gb ram, Intel UHD Graphics 630. Numbers numbers eh... So, I've just run Grid 2 at 2880x1800 with everything to high or ultra. The benchmark came out with the following frame rates:

  • Average of 36.70
  • Minimum 18.95
  • Max of 43.72

For normal gameplay, I'd usually drop some of the options, like reflections, ambients and a couple others, but personally I think that's not too shabby. With more modest settings, 60fps isn't unreachable.

The game runs great in Wine. I can get between 30 and 60 fps consistently (locks onto these values and occasionally changes to the other) at 1600x900 resolution on a GTX 1060

on what version of Wine? I get "MarbleMarcher.exe: cannot execute binary file".  Wine 3.0.4, macOS 10.14

The Timer goes slower on my friends PC even though we are both getting 60fps. It looks like the game runs slower too. We finish in about the same time but it takes me half the real life time to do it 

Hmm... I'll investigate.  Does it make any difference if you turn V-sync on or off?

I didn't even know you could turn it off.. But we were both locked at 60


Clever! Consider having the marble change in size: it would really show off the tech.

Very interesting, I could run it at 1080p on my 2080 at least, I knew this new PC would be worth the investment 😅 If I could request a single thing, it would be an option for invert mouse... wait, there is source code... thanks!

cool fucking game, the only thing i would change is the flag to smoke or make the flag blow in the wind. Also, it would be cool to make a spiral level, sinkhole level, infinite staircase level, tunnel level, hot-wheel type loop level. 

Well, it's all fractals. If you can figure out a type of fractal in those shapes then you got a possibility.

Beautiful concept and fun game, it was interesting reading the math behind it! However, I think you've alerted me to my need to upgrade my PC, since my old faithful ranked into potato quality =( (high end 7 years ago)

Lovely game, and I really like how you came up with something that uses the fractal tech perfectly!

Is there any chance that you could add a "Continue" option to the main menu, though? I completed two-thirds of the stages and needed to stop, and when I came back as far as I can tell I have to start over from the beginning.

You added it, thank you!

When I try to run the game I get a popup that reads "ERROR Graphics card does not support shaders". I have a GTX 970, so I figured something else is causing the error, or can I just not run the game with a 970?

That may indicate your driver is out of date for the graphics card, see if you can upgrade it.  If that doesn't fix it, then something strange is going on... Do websites like work for you?

Updating Windows fixed it. Thanks for the suggestion though!

Awesome game, just needs a better level select (which it should show in between levels) and a less ugly flag. And of course more levels!

Wow - this is incredible

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