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Travel through Hyperbolica!
A true Non-Euclidean curved space like you've never experienced before! On this whimsical journey, you'll discover bizarre landscapes, solve puzzles, battle in a snowball fight, navigate a labyrinth, and much more.  All with new challenges in this strange new world.

VR is also supported with OpenXR compatible headsets: Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Quest 2, and Windows Mixed Reality.

How is hyperbolic space different?

Hyperbolic space allows exponentially more volume to fit in the same 'space' than you'd normally expect. This allows you to explore enormous areas while taking very little time to walk anywhere. You'll find that building a mental map of your surroundings becomes impossible. Lines can never stay parallel. Traversing the map can result in unexpected rotations. And many more strange consequences that will make you question reality. You'll also explore spherical space, which has the opposite outcomes. For example, a reverse-perspective: Objects appear larger the farther away they are.

It's a difficult concept to explain, and first-hand experience really is the best way to understand and build an intuition about these interesting geometries. Hyperbolica was created specifically for this purpose, to break the mold and to have a fun experience in an alternative universe different from our own.


Buy Now$12.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $12.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Hyperbolica-1.0.14-Windows-x64.zip 283 MB
Hyperbolica-1.0.14-Linux-x64.zip 283 MB
Hyperbolica-1.1.3-Mac.zip 295 MB


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Hello, is it compatible with Apple Silicone?

Yes, it supports both Intel and Apple Silicon.

Having a bug with an xbox controller plus Oculus headset.
The controls work all fine when not in VR mode. When in VR mode, the axis of the controller seems all weird with an offset. I found the Head
thumbstick direction option but it makes absolutely no difference.

I bought the Steam version but have no other ways of contacting the creators.

Obviously I want to play this game very much, devs, help?

I think the controller direction in VR mode is relative to the head direction since there is no motion tracking for an xbox controller or keyboard.  It's definitely more natural to use the Oculus controllers if you have them.


Here from Errant Signal's video, looks neat, curious to see how I do in the VR mode :-D

any plans of bringing it to Quest? I’d love to play this in VR


Yes, it is in progress.  Should be out soon.

Awesome, thanks! When that comes out I will totally get it.



I really like your content I was wondering what amount of the revenue goes to you since I am thinking of waiting until the creator day.


Thanks!  Itch only takes 10%, which is much less than Steam's 30%.  So no need to wait for creator day, it's only a small difference.  You're already supporting me more by getting it here.

Are there any plans for a Nintendo Switch port?

(I'm sorry if that has already been asked a lot)


None yet.

Alright, thank you. Then I will buy it for PC :)


free pls i have no money

Life hack: people usually give you free money if you offer to do quests for them.  When you start out these will often be low level and maybe a bit grindy, washing a car may be a common one, also mowing a lawn, but as people begin to trust you more they may give you fetch quests.  Also, if you have a proficiency in certain skills, you may be able to make this known to people, and they may have special quests for that skill, like repairing an item or constructing something.  A long time ago, in the 90s (formative years of gaming slang) this was called "bob a job" as you would be given a "bob" (slang for a type of coin) in return for completing the quest.

I meant like the game.

(I'll block you if you bully me for that)

Go on then, I've had my fun

Hello! I love your work and ideas. I'm interested in buy for playing in oculus quest. I want to know if I can play it standalone or I need Pc for that? thanks!


Currently you need a PC.  I am working on the standalone version for Oculus Store.

Hi! I bought a game on Steam, but I can't start it at my Oculus Quest even from PC (I use SteamVR + ALVR). The game starts, but displays on computer monitor.

i havent tried it personally, because i havent set up vr yet after a renovation, but there is a VR Launcher.bat in the windows version zipfile, so that should get you going.


Hi! Is a Steam key included when buying this? Also, would you consider making the soundtrack available on here too?

I get the impression that itch.io is a very friendly platform for developers and I want to support that, but currently buying the game from Steam gives a lot of benefits not available here.


Thanks, I just added Steam keys with purchase, so you'll be able to claim it there too.  I don't have the soundtrack available on Itch, but it is coming very soon to other platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Thanks a lot! :^D

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Is there a way Steam-purchasers can get keys for the Itch version too, or only the other way around. If I had known it was on Itch, or thought to check here first, I woudlve bought it here instead.

I love this game!

There isn't anything the Itch version offers that Steam doesn't.  I think it only makes sense the other way around due to achievements, stats, trading cards, and more that could missed if you purchased only on Itch.


This game seems really cool and I would like to explore it more, but it’s nearly unplayable for me as a lefty. Please consider implementing custom keybinds or even just making the arrow keys alternate movement controls.

I have it on steam, not itch, but I can say that I really love this game


Hey there, my name is Zakaria but you can call me Zak, I am a YouTuber focusing on Indie Games! I had a new idea which is basically every single day I check hundreds of new released or updated games on itch.io and from a very long process of eliminations I pick up the Top Best Games! I am gald to say yours made it on the list.


Finally! After so many years...