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could we get a version for mac?

Can I Try This On Browser?I Hate Full Screen Game


would probably lag to oblivion


Yes, you can =)


Burning ship and SFX Fractals create some of my most favorite sounds.


this is soo coooool!


lagged out my computer, it feels like its going to catch on fire. Good program! 10/10


one thing in particular i love is how you can hear "how stable" a cycle is, if that's even remotely the right terminology. Some places decay into a stable orbit very quickly, where you can't even hear the starting "metastable(?" orbit, and as you get into weirder places, you can hear that starting orbit decay more slowly into the more stable one, as the number of iterations it takes to stabilize increase. really cool stuff, thank you for making it, i'm gonna waste a lot of time.

This is great! I was able to play the theme song from Pan's Labyrinth, although its a bit more difficult to get used to than the other instruments i play lo

Could you compile a debian version please? Love your videos!

I tried using wine for it and it gave me plenty of errors.


I had zero issues running this with wine, maybe try a bit more? It's unlikely to get a debian compilation - seems to be using a Windows-specific audio system


My antivirus started acting up when I tried to download it. Is this program safe?


Windows Defender and other antivirus software will show a warning when you download and open software that isn't from an identified publisher.

For Windows Defender, you can click 'More Info' at the bottom of the text to reveal the button to open the program.

It's good to be sceptical about stuff, but I haven't found anything sketchy with it. :)


0/61 antivirus engines on VirusTotal detect any problems.

0/70 for the exe

So it's probably pretty safe :)

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