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Hello! I name-dropped this in the description for SYNTH jam. It would be cool to see more projects like this on itch.

The Ikeda map is a "8-bit computer tape sound emulator"

thakn you

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tweaked the settings a bit, Having some real nice fun here.

this took me 2 hours to figure out but it was worth it. pretty impressive for a person who only knows ruby right?

i have the jux on fractal

you no have jux

Where are the screenshots saved?

in the same files you acivate the app in

Sound does not work.

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It does work, your machine may be non-standard / out of date. What what hardware are you using? Maybe they can investigate it to add support for your hardware

Ideapad 3

very cool and insightful!

really cool

Has anybody tried images from the so called phenomenon Crop Circles. I would like to play with them but I do not have a powerful PC with a dedicated GPU atm. What are the system requirements for this software? 

The Chirikov Map is so cool I wonder why it sounds like a different instrument

Sorry dude, I don't have any money or an allowance.


When I downloaded this and tried to open it, it just said that it was at high risk and a dangerous file even though I want to use it :(

Use it anyway, it is perfectly safe.
Click more info, then run anyway.


Oh ok thanks :)










he has no demo

you have the fractal sounds


bagels are weird food


pls make it run in browser!

try this sound fractal maker not made by owner of this or me sry

oops try this link

Can you it display coordinate of the clicked point


load to the infinite pls mandelbrot set

my computer: no it will crash its a notebook not ps 200x ultra master quality no

my computer when i zoom in on the any set to much

its about it ...

found a glitch

629 kB

only windows or pc

in order to do this press key j on yellow




I’ve been meaning to thank you for this. Your video was very inspirational for a small game I developed last year.

When I first heard the SFX fractal, it seemed perfect for synthesizing melee weapon sounds. So I built my own parameterized implementation that procedurally generates sounds in real-time based on players’ equipment and interactions. I found that the x- and y-axes correlated well with my inputs (modulation and timbre, respectively), and I controlled the pitch by manipulating the sample rates of the buffers. To tie it together, I interpolated between two points at various rates to create distinctive sounds for each weapon.

That was such a fun exercise! I definitely need to explore this concept, and other noisy fractals, more in the future.

Excellent work!


That's awesome!  Yeah, it's a great technique if you need a lot of sound effects with almost zero extra memory.   I'll check out the game.

what are some good custom fractals?

julia set is the purifier for sound? try with last map

Deleted 1 year ago


try number 8 it sounds really cool


Hope you don't mind, but I got really inspired by the sounds and made a little techno album with it! It's fairly minimal, and I recorded it simply by messing with the program while I had a few drum machines going, but I think it turned out pretty cool!




Honestly I think if we had the option to add reverb and select multiple points on a fractal this could potentially become a good ambient synthesizer for creating eerie or slightly dreamy sound effects.


Pretty cool! I used some of the sounds in a new track

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