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If you created a cross platform  compatible vst/au I would buy it.. Please develop your concept further..  It looks like a brilliant first iteration of a virtual instrument.

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Can not get this to run, just getting a cmd window with 'press any key'. Maybe GPU is too old? Also still w7 over here. What minimum GPU do you need to run it?
The WebGL port works though.


you have essentially invented a new form of audio synthesis.

Exactly! And it's really cool!


This could be used to generate random sounds for scary ambiences or malfunctioning machines in films and videogames.

it looks cool, but when booting it up it just says "press any key to continue" then closes :(

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Ported to WebGL: Have tried to port as close as I can. It sounds a bit off and I don't know why. Maybe it's too much for web sounds or I just a newbie.

The fractal selector is on the top left. Right-click to mute. Wheel-click for a move.

Thanks for the inspiration =)


Great job!


It doesn't work on laptops that only have trackpads. Might I suggest right click to navigate and space to mute? 

And as far as not sounding right goes, you could set it to hold the note when you click and hold (in audio contexts that's an AHR envelope instead of AD envelope). Have you also remembered to exclude sounds below 20hz? That can mess up sounds on occasion. 


Thanks for the feedback!

Added alternative controls for laptops: "alt+left-click" can be used for navigation. "Space" for mute and "pinch gesture" for zoom. 

Sounding was fixed by changing the sample rate to 40k. But sounds still can be very bad if change tune to some random value. I will check out envelope modes because I don't even know what that is ;)

Check out new controls. I will finish recording mode soon and try to make it laptop-friendly too.



now i have a 64 bit machine but dont start
i click to run and dont run
seems to load a thing but dont run


Some of them sound like actual 



remember he's only using one technique to get the sonic information from them, perhaps some fractals just aren't built in a way that makes the best use of the orbit technique.

does have 32 bit?

I would use this but I don't use Windows (I use a Mac) so I can't

There are a number of Mac software tools that can run Windows programs, such as virtual machines! Or if you prefer, the source code is available on Github and can be compiled for a Mac with a C++ IDE.

This is entirely possible for 16 and 32 bit software but the complexity increases drastically when the software is 64bit.. yes.. I imagine it probably could be done with a VM.. but the processor overhead would be nearly unusable.  However.. if you have the chops to compile it under mac.. please share.. but do remember that most people do not have the skillset to create a compiler environment.. even if the source code to compile was readily available.

Yeah, I just checked.. Wine will not run it as normal.. Wineskin has no options which will execute the program successfully. 

I sent you an email from my professional account. I am very excited to use your product in my streaming and creativity ventures!

Excellent piece of software. Needed it for the DMCA nightmare during this pandemic!

Dude this is so cool, might make music using this :). Do you want to be credited if I ever post music I make using this?


No need to credit me, but you can always send me a link when you're done, I love to see what people create 😊

Woohoo, will do. It's incredible what sounds I can find!


Can you make a mac version :}

I would love that (it's probably a lot of work though, so i'd understand if it doesnt happen).

help the program wont start :/

same, its only 64 bit, i get a 64 bit machine but not dont work anyway


I can't find the fractal from third screenshot, is it not in game? 

It's the Feather Fractal (3).


steps for Demon ritual. 

step 1 download.

step 2 open

step 3. press 4 on keyboard

step 4 click the upper left corner

step 5     A S C E N D E D 


Perfect for making my Radio Demon noises! 10/10

Is there any way to see the fractal in more detail? Or what program do you generally use to check out the Mandelbrot set?


If you want to do deep zooms, check out the software "Ultra Fractal".

Deleted post

CodeParade: if the program runs slow, minimize the window to make it faster.

Me. Who has an intel core i3 with 7th gen laptop: 

[Wii crash noises]

me with a celeron gen 3 laptop: NOW I HAVE A WORTH BATTLE


this is sooo sick!!


I have discovered the true purpose of my rtx 3090 :D

I can't make my stupid laptop to run the app in the dedicated GPU. Is there a way to select which GPU to use inside the app?

I can't do it from the app, but you should already have some kind of GPU control panel installed with your driver.  You can change the default GPU for each application there usually.


This is the coolest toy, especially the surround sound of it

it just says press any key to continue wtf

OK, I can work with this. Perhaps I misunderstood something, but what determines the fundamental rate at which the paths iterate and why is there no option to change this (to retune the instrument)?


In the source code, it's called "max_freq", you would have to re-compile from source to change it.

Woah this really cool!


It would be very cool to add a "Make your own fractal" option :D

i agree, and then i will conect this to an instrument and bamm a fractal piano/


More importantly, we need a compilation/list/links to music people make with this.


Any plans to optimize this? My laptop runs it okay but I just want to be able to zoom deeper into the fractals lmao. (And maybe for my fans to be a little quieter).


could we get a version for mac?

Can I Try This On Browser?I Hate Full Screen Game


would probably lag to oblivion


Yes, you can =)


Burning ship and SFX Fractals create some of my most favorite sounds.


this is soo coooool!


lagged out my computer, it feels like its going to catch on fire. Good program! 10/10


one thing in particular i love is how you can hear "how stable" a cycle is, if that's even remotely the right terminology. Some places decay into a stable orbit very quickly, where you can't even hear the starting "metastable(?" orbit, and as you get into weirder places, you can hear that starting orbit decay more slowly into the more stable one, as the number of iterations it takes to stabilize increase. really cool stuff, thank you for making it, i'm gonna waste a lot of time.

This is great! I was able to play the theme song from Pan's Labyrinth, although its a bit more difficult to get used to than the other instruments i play lo

Could you compile a debian version please? Love your videos!

I tried using wine for it and it gave me plenty of errors.


I had zero issues running this with wine, maybe try a bit more? It's unlikely to get a debian compilation - seems to be using a Windows-specific audio system


My antivirus started acting up when I tried to download it. Is this program safe?

Deleted 2 years ago

0/61 antivirus engines on VirusTotal detect any problems.

0/70 for the exe

So it's probably pretty safe :)

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